The First Post

We all inevitably start somewhere, a little earlier or a little later, and incidentally that marks the onset of a new phase in life. What sets some of these phases apart from the rest is the deeper sense of awareness associated with them. When they are driven by questions like

Why do I want to do it?
What does it mean to me?
How does it impact me?
Is my work a true extension of myself at least in some way?

This first post, therefore, is more of a reminder for me of why I started this blog.

It would have been so much easier if only learning could be linear but alas, it is not. Hence, it is important to me to trace the journey of my thoughts, my feelings, my dreams, my tainted understanding of this world and more importantly of my crude philosophy.

Photography and writing have always been very close to my heart since childhood, although my early experience with photography if I may say so, is yet an another embarrassing tale. Nevertheless, the subtleties of both have been an ever-fascinating phenomenon to me. They work right where it matters the most, uncover the hidden feelings and thoughts, tingle the ones which are dormant and provoke the unimaginable. Over years, I have found that making pictures (even those charming blurred images), and writing made me less anxious and helped me in becoming more centred. They have worked like an antidote to my otherwise purposeless life.

All the reasons are not necessarily ‘answers’, they could be ‘questions’ too and to successfully arrive at the end of a phase is to know some of those answers. Few of those reasons for me are finding the meaning of my art, what exactly I wish to convey, how true it is to me and how does it matter to me or in that case to anyone?

Taking these reasons as a constant source of inspiration, satisfaction, longing and learning, I hope there would be more questions and answers to discover during this phase.


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