Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Reflection of My T-shirt’s Text on Window.

It wasn’t the first time I was experiencing a day like that. Some say it was the effect of the weather, some say it was because I had slept in till too late. But I know what it was, it was the outcome of my increasingly chaotic mind and directionless heart. The only lucid instance that day was when I got up around noon from my  false awakening. Too many dreams. Too many unknown characters from the past. The constant struggle to recollect the forgotten thoughts broke me in a cold sweat. I sat. I tried to calm myself and concentrated on the slow and dull thuds coming through the closed window of the room. The workers at construction site religiously start their work at 6:00 am and I religiously close my window at 6:01 am daily. I got up and slid open the window, the cool breeze gusted in my room. The day was bright and the breeze made it cheerful. At least it seemed so. Still numb from unsettled thoughts, I went to pick the book I left last night on the table near the window, more out of practice. I halted to observe the life outside at the construction site and instantly realised the message I had been wearing all the while for myself “Just Breathe”. Sometimes that is all we need to do.


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